What’s Life is About


When without money, keep pigs;When have money, keep dogs.


When without money, eat wild vege at home ;When have money, eat same wild vege in a fine restaurant.

沒錢的時候,在馬路上騎自行車; 有錢的時候,在客廳裡騎自行車。

When without money, ride bicycle; When have money, ride exercise machine.


When without money, wish to get married;When have money, wish to get divorced.


When without money, wife becomes secretary;When have money, secretary becomes wife.


When without money, act like rich man;When with money, act like poor man.

人 啊,都不講實話: Man, O Man, never tells the truth:


Says sharemarket is bad but keeps speculating;Says money is evil but keeps accumulating.

說美女是禍水, 都想要;說高處不勝寒, 都在爬;

Says women are trouble-makers but keeps desiring them;Says high positions are lonely but keeps wanting them.

說煙酒傷身體, 就不戒;說天堂最美好, 都不去!!!

Says smoking & drinking are bad but keeps partyiing;Says heaven is good but refused to go.


In the past, woman gives man their virginity; Now, woman gives man their newborn baby


In the rural area, chicken calls man awake;In the cities, man calls for chickens.

舊社會戲子賣藝不賣身, 新社會演員賣身不賣藝。

In the past, famous actresses will not sell their bodies;Now, actresses will sell their bodies to become famous。


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