Life’s Priority

人生是什麼? What is life about?

1 歲時出場亮相 At one, YOU are the top priority

10 歲時功課至上 At ten, academic excellence is the top priority

20 歲時春心盪漾 At twenty, getting married is the top priority

30 歲時職場對抗 At thirty, a good career is top priority

40 歲時身材發胖 At forty, keeping your body in shape is top priority

50 歲時打打麻將 At fifty, beating others at mahjong is top priority

60 歲時老當益壯 At sixty, keeping IT up is top priority

70 歲 時 常常 健忘 At seventy, remembering something is top priority

80 歲時搖搖晃晃 At eighty, moving around is top priority

90 歲時迷失方向 At ninety, knowing direction is top priority

100 歲時掛在牆上 At 100, having your portrait on the wall is top priority!

祝大家愉快,好好做人! Wishing you all happiness! Be good!


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